Church Discipline

Church discipline is defined as, “the work of the body of Christ carried out by a local congregation for the purposes of saving the soul of its member & keeping the church of our Lord pure”. 

Church discipline is a work of the church, for it is designed to save souls. However, I am pretty sure that some can attest or may have been a victim of when church discipline was abused or misused. This article will highlight a few points we must consider when practicing this command.

The definition itself teaches its need. However, we will look at 2 specific reasons from Scripture, which explains its absolute necessity.

This is the third & final article in this series on this subject.  It started with a message helping us to understand it & created dialogue about it.  The last two articles were for the purposes of assisting us to see the need for it & how to practice it lovingly without perverting it.  This article is dedicated to the actions of rebuking & restoring within this spiritual work of soul saving.